Comme des Garçons brings angels to the world|

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 22.45.11.pngThat Rei Kawakubo loves translating surrealism into fashion, that’s already know. But reaching that far into the (most probably) earliest surrealist painter – Arcimboldo – and his 16th century surrealist still-lives – is a big step forward (or backward) to a collection that is more than just aesthetically invigorating. And the presence of the angel does help.  Continue reading “Comme des Garçons brings angels to the world|”

Gucci ss2018 is all about Elton John |

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 02.50.56.pngIf there is anything that can be said about Gucci’s superstar designer Alessandro Michele is that his creative energy never sleeps. For ss2018, the Elton John inspired checked blazers, glasses and hair (yes!) is already creating millions of #eltonjohn around the Internet. For those who prefer fashion over music, Michele’s signature sequins, patterns and the green/shocking pink duo is still having another moment of their life.  Continue reading “Gucci ss2018 is all about Elton John |”

Christopher Kane’s ss2018 features a brothel and a supermarket|

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 01.54.27.pngFor ss2018, Christopher Kane was inspired by Cynthia Payne, a London brothel keeper famous for her controversy and, a special feeling of generosity, at the same time. So was his collection. Provocative underwear, supermarket cleaning fabrics, and, of course, frills (a lot of frills).  Continue reading “Christopher Kane’s ss2018 features a brothel and a supermarket|”