Hermès ss2018 is a parade of the house’s possibilities|VOGUE.com

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 23.38.34.pngThere is always an effortless effect on the Hermès collections that is balanced with a noble finishing, be it a scarf or a skirt. This season it is all about checks in various colours and silhouettes, from enlarged scarfs to pantsuits and tight midi dresses. It’s not about creating a WOW effect – it’s more about writing another page of the heritage that the brand is famous for.  Continue reading “Hermès ss2018 is a parade of the house’s possibilities|VOGUE.com”

Missoni is going to Ibiza|VOGUE.com

There is an anniversary spirit at this seasons’ Milan Fashion Week as brands are either celebrating (Versace) or coming near to a celebration (Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni). For such, Missoni is having a collection that matches a celebration in Ibiza – sheers, see-though knits, bodysuits, leggings and big sunshade hats. Its Angela Missoni’s 20th anniversary at her parents house and it’s close to the 65th anniversary of the house itself. Full coverage by Nicole Phelps at Vogue.com Imagery via vogue.com Continue reading Missoni is going to Ibiza|VOGUE.com

Marni is inspired by Willy Wonka|VOGUE.com

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 00.56.09.pngThere was an idea that prints cannot be of any surprise to anyone, anymore. Then came Marni’s Francesco Risso, took some inspiration from 20s and 60s silhouettes and watched Tim Burton’s a couple of times to make the prints alike Willy Wonka’s gardening and the corsets shaped in the form of a teapot. It’s Marni, after all.  Continue reading “Marni is inspired by Willy Wonka|VOGUE.com”

At Salvatore Ferragamo, python is still on the go|VOGUE.com

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 00.50.44.pngThere is always a feeling of leather and brown when it comes to Salvatore Ferragamo and we can’t help it as the brand was built on.. shoes. This season, a vivid orange and some transparencies are added, and so were silky grey and turquoise shades to make the brand more clothing-ly than shoe-ly. It did work, somehow.  Continue reading “At Salvatore Ferragamo, python is still on the go|VOGUE.com”

Jil Sander’s new designer duo is as much fascinating as promising|VOGUE.com

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 00.25.55.pngThis is the debut collection of Jil Sander’s new designer duo Lucie and Luke Meier and the revival of the 90s’ fashion house looks more than promising as they added a bit of feminine touch to the cold/cool minimalistic frame that Jil Sander was famous for.  Continue reading “Jil Sander’s new designer duo is as much fascinating as promising|VOGUE.com”