Marco Zanini’s fashion x private profile|NYTIMES

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 20.44.05Marco Zanini comes around as a fashion magician. His portfolio of revived fashion brands include Halston, Rochas and Schiaparelli and his inspirations range from Scandinavian less-is-more to the vivid Southern European colours and craftsmanship. With NYTimes’ Lindsay Talbot, he is talking about children toys and his friendship with Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Polairoids attached! Continue reading “Marco Zanini’s fashion x private profile|NYTIMES”

Chanel pops up in Nordstrom|HARPER’S BAZAAR

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 20.38.43Goods news to all. Chanel’s Cruise 2017 show is to be stored in Nordstrom Seattle’s pop up just right for the holiday season. The area itself is a miniature of the May’s show scenery back at the Grand Palais in Paris with stone and metal wire columns in gold and loads of Chanel’s finest Cruise items are stocked, from dresses to bags and bracelets. A perfect reason to book a ticket to Seattle.  Continue reading “Chanel pops up in Nordstrom|HARPER’S BAZAAR”

Vogue editors bet on Meghan Markle wedding dress|VOGUE UK

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 20.15.56Another royal wedding, another bet. The team at Vogue UK is picking up the cards to guess [suggest] which dress [designer] shall we see at the next royal wedding. Here are some of the names: John Galliano for Maison Margiela, Giles Deacon, Oscar de la Renta and the classic of all classics – Vera Wang.  Continue reading “Vogue editors bet on Meghan Markle wedding dress|VOGUE UK”

Kendall Jenner is the new world’s highest paid model|W

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 21.36.36Forbes have come up with the new list of the highest paid models and Kendall Jenner has dethroned Gisele Bundchen, who has been on the top of the list since 2002. According to Forbes’ estimate, Jenner made 22 million USD in 2016 and the number is assigned to the numerous campaigns (La Perla, Adidas Original and Estee Lauder) as well as the profits from her own clothing line with her sister Kylie.  Continue reading “Kendall Jenner is the new world’s highest paid model|W”

Fashion’s next – embroidered corsets and tees with slogans|VOGUE

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 21.28.48We have witnessed a trend on the letter tattoos and printed T-shirts, so come the embroideries. Sophie King, a 26-year-old British artists is stitching the messages on corsets and t-shirts, making them even louder and more expressive. In the days of #MeToo, King seems to be an ideal person to follow and like. Vogue is telling her story.  Continue reading “Fashion’s next – embroidered corsets and tees with slogans|VOGUE”

Chanel x Pharell Williams sneakers’ price could reach up to 40.000 USD|WWD

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 21.01.32The affairs starring Chanel x Pharell Williams come as a no surprise to anyone interested in a. fashion, b. “Happy”. Still, we would never expect over 120.000 people pre-registering to purchase their special edition sneakers at Colette, which actually winds up the price to 32.000 USD as for the moment. 500 lucky people will be selected to purchase. It’s the first time the Chanel logo will appear on a product made by another brand [Adidas] and the money will be donated as a closing gift for Colette, which will close eternally on Dec. 20th.  Continue reading “Chanel x Pharell Williams sneakers’ price could reach up to 40.000 USD|WWD”

Alaïa’s friends are mourning over the loss|NYTIMES

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 21.20.55Mr. Alaïa’s death has left the fashion crowd with an ocean of memories and griefs as we believe he was the last man standing for independence in fashion (creativeness and business-wise). NYTimes has gathered the memorials of His friends – Stephanie Seymour, Gaia Repossi and many other big fashion names all have something to say about the loss.  Continue reading “Alaïa’s friends are mourning over the loss|NYTIMES”

There is a new fashion brand for It-girls|VOGUE UK

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 20.57.20The name is somehow predictable – Poster Girl. The brand soared up in popularity with the figure-flattering dresses that won the hearts (and Instagrams) of Paris Hilton and Kendall Jenner. Poster Girl’s designers Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville have been trained at Central Saint Martins, and have internships at Christian Dior, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood in their CV’s. Prices start at £95 at Selfridges. Continue reading “There is a new fashion brand for It-girls|VOGUE UK”