Plastic means water for Chanel ss2018|HARPER’S BAZAAR

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The waterfall scenery does promise a lot, and the clothes covered with sheer plastic do make an impression of walking right under the water canopies. The tweed is a main theme as always, enriched by frills and ruffles in all shades of water and pearls. We do aim for those ponchos to be on the go at the next fashion season street-style parades.  Continue reading “Plastic means water for Chanel ss2018|HARPER’S BAZAAR”

Alexander McQueen ss2018 is an ode to the British weather|

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 00.05.35.pngSarah Burton gets inspired by the blossoming English gardens and rainy days, so come the falling apart raincoats, wallpaperly printed patchworks and ruffled dresses. There is a spirit of British 19th century chamber of curiosities and some chapters of the Secret Garden, mixed altogether for a spectacular fashion show. And yes, gothic never dies.  Continue reading “Alexander McQueen ss2018 is an ode to the British weather|”

Hermès ss2018 is a parade of the house’s possibilities|

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 23.38.34.pngThere is always an effortless effect on the Hermès collections that is balanced with a noble finishing, be it a scarf or a skirt. This season it is all about checks in various colours and silhouettes, from enlarged scarfs to pantsuits and tight midi dresses. It’s not about creating a WOW effect – it’s more about writing another page of the heritage that the brand is famous for.  Continue reading “Hermès ss2018 is a parade of the house’s possibilities|”

Stella McCartney is having a denim moment|

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 23.32.10.pngA denim and a jungle moment, to be more specific. There are oversized denim jackets and [nocturnal] jungle prints to the blended with basics that Stella McCartney is mostly associated with. There is nothing wrong with the basics as long as they’re recognisable, which, in McCartney’s case, is more than just a statement.  Continue reading “Stella McCartney is having a denim moment|”